Step 5: Nurture and evaluate prospect's responsiveness

Nurture prospects towards conversion

Why you need to stop engaging prospects who solely show up on your feed:

  • you’re only seeing prospects that LinkedIn wants you to see

  • you’re not on LinkedIn 24/7 and will miss out on tons of engagement opportunities

  • it’s hard to track or remember how many times you’ve engaged with each prospect

Why you need to keep engaging with prospects:

Leave 1 comment = Piques their attention

Every comment after = Keeps you top of mind and builds rapport!


Increase touchpoints with prospects

Maximize the Engage AI’s web app (mini-CRM)


✅ Store all your key prospects here

✅ Get Engage AI to monitor their recent posts

✅ Get Engage AI to notify you about their recent posts through email

Where to Start

Personalize draft comments


✅ Customize tones to make the AI sound more like you

✅ Choose the tone that best suits the context of the post

✅ Speed up engagements with meaningful and relevant comment drafts

Where to Customize

Add context to deepen the relationship


Did you know? Engage AI can…

  • Tell you the no. of times you’ve used it to engage each prospect (see Touchpoints in web app)

  • Remember the LinkedIn posts you’ve commented using Engage AI

  • Hyper-personalize draft comments by mentioning relevant older posts in later conversations


In the tones selection menu, there are two features under the category of Second Brain.

Think back to a banter you’ve had with a friend.

Perhaps it's been a considerable time since you last saw or spoke to each other.

Then, out of the blue, your friend says:

Hey, remember the time when we....

Instantly, you find yourself transported back to that moment, and it feels as though no time has passed at all.


The psychology behind Second Brain

  • We’re inherently social beings

  • We appreciate people remembering things we cherish or worked diligently on

  • Shared memories deepens relationships


As its functionality implies, the Second Brain features will draft the desired type of comments only if you have interacted with the same prospect's posts in the past.


There are currently two Second Brain features:

1. Recap relevant post

With this feature:

  • Receive a concise summary of the older post

  • Get a LinkedIn post URL directing you to the post

2. Cite relevant post

With this feature:

  • Cite commented posts from the same prospect in future interactions

  • Build rapport using historical context


Evaluate prospect responsiveness

💡 Monitor responses

  1. Check your LinkedIn notifications for responses from prospects

  2. Keep track of metrics such as likes, replies, and profile visits to gauge the level of engagement

  3. Identify opportunities for further interaction

💡 Optimize prospect list

  1. Evaluate each prospect after the 7th touchpoint

  2. No positive response or engagement ➡ Remove from the web app listing

  3. Redirect efforts to maximize your effort, time, and results