Why tone of voice matter

In writing, tone of voice conveys emotions or attitudes, playing a vital role in communication. As it impacts how readers interpret your messages, it is important to choose the right tone for every context.


In fact, tone of voice in writing can be even more critical compared to verbal speech for several reasons:

  1. Absence of non-verbal cues (body language, facial expressions, and intonation)

  2. Permanence of online records

  3. Lack of immediate feedback from readers


By carefully considering which tone of voice to use, you’re effectively ensuring positive and meaningful communication:

  1. Emotional impact: Different tones evoke distinct emotional responses

  2. Building rapport: An aptly-chosen tone establishes a connection with readers, fostering trust and receptiveness

  3. Persuasion and influence: Tone can sway readers' opinions and behaviors, depending on its suitability in a given context

  4. Conveying intent: Tone communicates the writer's goal, whether to inform, entertain, console, or motivate.

  5. Establishing brand identity: For businesses, maintaining a consistent tone across communications builds a recognizable and memorable brand personality.

Overall, you can use various tones to add unique value to your prospect’s posts.

Default Tones in Engage AI

Engage AI offers 5 main tones by default. All default tones are also customizable to your needs.

1. Friendly

Use this tone to sound curious, insightful, and enthusiastic while echoing the sentiments of your prospect’s post. By adopting a friendly tone, you can enhance your chances of building a strong connection and fostering a positive impression.

2. Funny

A little light-hearted humor can go a long way when you’re trying to build rapport with another individual. Humor has a unique power to break down barriers, ease tension, and create a comfortable atmosphere between individuals.

3. Disagree

Expressing disagreement can be challenging because it requires navigating potential conflicts and differing perspectives delicately. However, voicing opposing views can open doors to richer and more diverse conversations. This tone will give you a quick start on conveying your viewpoint without coming across as offensive or dismissive.

4. Congratulate

The "congratulate" tone is ideal for celebratory occasions. It allows you to convey heartfelt congratulations beyond common phrases like "congrats!" or "well done!", drafting a more thoughtful, personalized message for your well-deserving prospect.

5. Question

This tone provides an opportunity to offer a concise compliment, followed by a relevant question related to the posted content. This combination of praise and inquiry engages the prospect, encouraging further conversation on the topic at hand.

Custom Tones in Engage AI

Apart from the five editable tones above, you can create three additional tones for your own use. You can add these extra tones by inserting custom prompts in the Settings. Click the article below to learn how.