Engage AI for Android

Building Relationships on the Go

Engage AI Mobile is a companion app to LinkedIn for:

  • when you’re away from your desktop and can’t use the browser extensions

  • access to meaningful comment drafts while on the move

  • those who are often on their work laptops and can’t download the browser extensions due to company policy



📃 All You Need

  1. The Android mobile app - install for free here

  1. Sign up for Engage AI account or use your existing account for the desktop version

That’s it!


Not Sure Where to Get Started?

Let’s begin with installing the Android app.

Search Engage AI in the play store or click here to install
Without an account, you can still draft 10 comments!

How It Works

You can create your unique voice by tapping on the + Add Custom Prompt link.

Want custom prompt templates? Discover them here

All that’s left to do is return to the LinkedIn app. Paste the comment draft, edit to make it 100% you and hit Post!


My Trial Ended. What Now?

After the 10 generations trial, creating an Engage AI account allows you to claim:

  • 3 days of unlimited generations

  • 3 generations/day after 3 days of unlimited usage

Why Should I Upgrade to Pro?

Upgrading to Pro allows you to unlock all additional and premium features on every platform, including integrations and the web browser extensions.

Discover more below: