Step 3: Increase your touchpoints with prospects

💡 Google suggests that a buyer needs 7 hours of interaction, across 11 touch points, in 4 separate locations before they make a purchase.

Read this article to learn how Engage AI can help you to achieve it effortlessly.


Do you…

  • use a spreadsheet to track your progress with prospects?

  • check your prospects one at a time for their latest posts?

  • miss out on opportunities to deepen relationships with prospects when things get busy?

  • forget to save potential customers you’ve found on LinkedIn?

💻 Why Use Engage AI’s Web App?

  • Automate prospect monitoring

  • Complement our browser extensions and mobile apps

  • Receive email notifications on engagement opportunities

  • Achieve more touchpoints for better conversion

  • Save time checking each prospect manually


Pro-Tip: 7-13 comments over time

Leave 1 comment = Piques their attention

Every comment after = Keeps you top of mind and builds rapport!

🗝 3 Ways to Save Key Prospects

  1. In bulk from a spreadsheet (Automatic)

  2. Individually on LinkedIn (Automatic)

  3. Individually on the web app (Manual)


💡 Import Leads

Store, monitor, and stay updated on multiple key prospects.

  1. Log into Engage AI web app here.

  2. Click on Engage in the side menu.

  3. Click Import Leads.

  4. Organize or duplicate your prospects in the downloadable CSV template.

  5. Upload the CSV file containing your key prospects.

  6. Hit Submit.

No list created/list is blank?

  • Non-Pro users can only have 1 renamable list at a time.

  • The list did not exist prior to the file upload. How to create a list


💡 Save Prospects Directly on LinkedIn

Save newly discovered prospects at a click.

  1. Sign in to LinkedIn here.

  2. Visit your prospect’s profile.

  3. Hover over Add to List and choose an existing list.

  4. If you’re signed into the web app, reload the page to update your prospect list.


💡 Save Prospects Manually

Create and monitor a new prospect in the web app.

  1. Log into Engage AI web app here.

  2. Click on Engage in the side menu.

  3. Click Create.

  4. Choose a List.

  5. Fill in First Name and Last Name.

  6. Paste your prospect’s LinkedIn profile URL.

    1. Correct URL:

    2. Wrong URL:

  7. Hit Monitor Lead.