How do I access the Pro features I've purchased?


Follow the steps below if:

  • your plan doesn’t upgrade to Pro even after refreshing your LinkedIn page

Where to find this: Top-left corner of LinkedIn page for Engage AI’s pop-up box
  • the unlimited comment length option under Customization is still unavailable to you

  • the Second Brain features, i.e., Comment with context and Retrieve relevant post, are still unavailable to you




If you have more than one Engage AI account, please check if you’re logged in with the email address you’ve subscribed to Pro in the subscription form.

It’s likely that your extension isn’t connected to the Engage AI server. Let’s get it synced up in 3 steps.

Video Guide

Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Log out and back into Engage AI web app here.

  2. Connect your LinkedIn account here

  1. Sync your Engage AI connection inside LinkedIn.