Step 1: Account setup

Did you…

  • Just install Engage AI for the first time?

  • Recently upgrade to Pro?

  • Switch over to a different free plan?


💡 Sync your account

Unlock all of your plan’s features.

🎬 Watch Video (<1 minute)


  1. Log out and back into Engage AI web app here.

  2. Connect your LinkedIn account here

  3. Click Sync Account your Engage AI connection inside LinkedIn. 


💡 Reset your password

Keep your account secure.

  1. Log into Engage AI web app here.

  2. Click My Profile.

  3. Click My Account.

  4. Click Change Password.

  5. If you forgot your old password, we’ll send you reset instructions. I forgot my password

  6. Enter New Password.

  7. Hit Update Password.


💡 Update your extension

Our updates bring you better experiences and features.

It can take a few hours or days for your browser to update extensions.

Has the extension…

  • stopped working for you?

  • not been showing the latest feature updates?

🚀 Skip The Wait

  1. Click the Extensions icon at the top of your browser page.

  2. Click Manage Extensions.

  3. Toggle on Developer mode.

  4. Click Update.