Why don't I have unlimited comment generations?

💡 Your free trial has ended

This only applies to those who opted for the business-savvy trial plan.

After the 7-day trial period, your account will be converted into a Forever Free account. You can upgrade your account at any time.

  • You will no longer have unlimited comment generations

  • You can still submit 3 LinkedIn posts for comment suggestions per day

  • You will still get 1 regeneration chance for each of the 3 posts

💡 You need to re-sync your account with the Engage AI server

If you recently switched plans or use a single browser profile to manage several LinkedIn accounts, you must re-establish the connection between the server and the LinkedIn account.


💡 Your LinkedIn account is currently connected to the incorrect Engage AI account

If you’ve created multiple Engage AI accounts to monitor various LinkedIn accounts on one device, please check if the LinkedIn profile is synced to the right Engage I account.