Can I use the same Engage AI account to monitor several LinkedIn accounts?

Your Engage AI account is associated with one specific LinkedIn account.

If you are managing several LinkedIn accounts:

  1. Create a separate browser profile for each LinkedIn account you’re managing.

  2. Install Engage AI for each profile.

  3. Sign up for a unique Engage AI account for each LinkedIn account.

What happens when I manage several LinkedIn accounts using one Engage AI account and browser profile?

You will be signing in and out of your clients' LinkedIn profiles. This in turn will lead to your Engage AI account unlinking with the respective LinkedIn profile and preventing the scraping of recent posts.

For this reason, it is best for those who are managing numerous client accounts to distinguish the Engage AI accounts.

How can I safeguard my LinkedIn account from restrictions?

There are many reasons why LinkedIn may decide to restrict your account.

In the following guide, you’ll find the ultimate guide to all the top tips and strategies that many productive LinkedIn users employ but don’t tell.