Multiple People Sharing or Managing The Same LinkedIn Account

According to LinkedIn’s User Agreement, each LinkedIn account should be tied to an individual. But there are several compelling reasons why sharing a LinkedIn account isn't advisable.

👩‍💼 Sharing vs Managing


Firstly, sharing an account doesn’t offer any benefits.


Considering LinkedIn registration is free, having separate accounts allows you to maintain your distinct connections, personalise your content, and curate your profile as per your preferences without risking each other’s reputation or getting confused.


However, if your only purpose in accessing a LinkedIn account is to manage it on behalf of someone else, the dynamics change. That’s what we’ll be discussing in this article.


It's noteworthy that LinkedIn doesn’t explicitly forbid having another person manage your account for you.


⚠ Risks of 2 People Using 1 LinkedIn Account


Sharing a single account between two individuals escalates the risk of suspension or permanent banning of the account.


If the account gets suspended, LinkedIn may request identity verification to return it - a clear photo of a valid government-issued ID card, driver's licence, or passport.


Should the account owner be a real person who granted you permission to manage their account, this verification process is relatively straightforward.


Remember, LinkedIn is only trying to protect you from hackers! 

🧾 Best Practices for 2 People Using 1 LinkedIn Account Safely


  • Avoid Simultaneous Logins: Ensure that both users don’t access the LinkedIn account concurrently, as simultaneous activity can trigger scrutiny from LinkedIn.


  • Use a Proxy or VPN: Both users should utilise these tools to mask their IP addresses and locations, making it harder for LinkedIn to flag unusual activity.


  • Utilise Separate Chrome Profiles: If you’re managing someone else’s LinkedIn account while having your own, use separate Chrome profiles. Each profile maintains its own set of cookies and cached data.


Ultimately, the risks involved in sharing one LinkedIn account lie with both the owner and the manager. However, many individuals, such as Virtual Assistants or Social Media Managers, have effectively managed LinkedIn accounts under these circumstances.


By diligently following all the three tips outlined above, you significantly decrease any potential risks.


Always grant account access to only trustworthy and reliable individuals. Otherwise, your account and your reputation could be at risk.


Exercise caution, prioritise safety, and protect your LinkedIn presence.